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The basic information in a translated text should always match the original. Sometimes, but not always, that is enough. In texts for publication, for example, the tone and the register may need to be matched to the target audience. Cultural references may need to be explained, or equivalent references sought in the target language. These considerations are important if the translation is to be a true reflection of the original text.

I have more than 10 years experience translating from Spanish into English. In this period, I have handled a wide range of documents from translations about football through to translations of clinical study documentation. Nevertheless, I have become increasing specialized in technical, scientific and pharmaceutical translations—partly because I have a scientific background and research experience, and partly because my other lines of work such as medical writing and editorial support have fed into the biomedical and technical translations.

Samples of my work are available on request. Below is a list of some of the types of document I have translated:


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The centerpiece of the new European quality standard for translation is the revision of translations by someone other than the translator (see this article for a good overview). Whether this will improve the final quality of translation will strongly depend on the quality of the revision and whether there is fluid dialogue between the translator and reviser.

Together with Dr. Iain Patten, with whom I regularly collaborate, and other translators with whom we have been working on journal translations for a long time now, we have a framework for offering revised translations in an environment that encourages dialogue and helps get the best out of good translators. With this network of top-quality translators, we can also work on large translation projects making use of well-established protocols for resource sharing.