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For the unsuspecting, publishing can be full of pitfalls such as innocent plagiarism, referencing problems and inappropriate language use. Professional editorial support can help you get to grips with these thorny issues.

Why editorial support?

Publishing scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals is a complex process and a number of pitfalls await the unwary. The authors have written their manuscripts, but these must comply with the instructions to authors and house style or guidelines provided in a style manual such as the American Medical Association (AMA) Manual of Style or the manual of the Council for Science Editors. Many biomedical articles articles should conform with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) requirements. Articles of randomized clinical trials will have to comply with the CONSORT statement, while observational and epidemiological studies should be compliant with the STROBE statement. Referencing problems may need to be addressed. In addition, articles written by authors who are non-native English speakers may have language problems that need attention. Often, an experienced editor can improve the flow of the text so that it reads better, regardless of whether the author is a native English speaker or not.

In most cases, editorial support will improve the chances of a manuscript being accepted for publication and add credibility to published articles.

What can I offer?

My extensive experience in academic publishing includes my own research articles in chemical physics (see this search page if you are interested), writing biomedical articles for peer-reviewed journals and editing biomedical manuscripts. My understanding of the publishing process has been furthered by participating in the cover-to-cover translation of a number of bilingual journals, both as a translator and a coordinator of the translation team.

I therefore think I am in a position to help improve the article itself, and advise on issues such as innocent plagiarism and referencing issues. Besides strictly editing tasks, I can also provide advice on a more general level, for example, in the planning of a publication strategy.